Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Hi Elmar,

My argument wasn’t that it does, sorry for any confusion there. The ability to assign multiple people to a single task does go against their philosophy. You can read about that at the article I linked to. This request is the top request though by votes, by quite a bit too.

If you take that request out though under the assumption that Asana won’t go against their philosophy, and assume that most people would be okay with having either this request or this one - Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day, it’s literally the most popular request by votes, by quite a bit. It’s hard to show that now since I’ve filtered by uncompleted requests and they have in-fact committed to completing the other request/

I imagine that since Asana is doing the other request, this one will very likely never be completed, although that is entirely speculation. This is because, again, I think most people want a way to achieve this, and having a 2 way sync is one of those ways. The other is native functionality that Asana is now providing. Since they have a way now, I imagine that people will care less about this request (I personally don’t care all that much now, for example) and that Asana will ask people why don’t they just invite people into their instance instead of relying on a 3rd party service like google calendar.