Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Sorry for a late reply here. What I’m trying to get across here is that -

  • The most highly voted request goes against Asana’s stated philosophy, meaning that imo it’s extremely unlikely it will be implemented as requested, if ever in anyway past it’s already implemented duplicate requests and assign functionality.
  • Assuming that request does not exist, and you take into consideration how much overlap this request and Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day has then…
  • It makes sense that this or the other request is may actually be more popular than it may seem by itself, possibly one of the most requests features. There has to be a non-zero amount of people who only want a calendar integration for the ability to schedule on things like the third Monday, but have no voted the explicit request for it and instead voted on this one.

I’ll say it is a bit of a long winded point to make, but I do think it’s valid.

To note, I do say that while there is overlap between the two requests, they are different, and I’m not trying to argue they should be merged or anything like that. Just that it should taken into consideration that there is a non-zero amount of people who probably don’t care which request is implemented and just found one of the feature requests before the other and felt it was close enough. There isn’t another two requests with hundreds of votes like this, so it’s hard to compare this to anything else.

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