Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Every now and again I see this and feel the need to point this out -

  • Virtually all calendar applications will let you schedule things like 3rd monday of the month, 2nd saturday of the month, etc
  • Asana does not let you do these things per - Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day
  • This forces having to use both Asana and a calendar application if people at your company use this method of scheduling on certain days/weeks of the month, which is many of them

What REALLY bothers me about this is that between this issue and Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day not being addressed, Asana has basically forced some percentage of it’s users to either manually adjust what day tasks fall on to match their shared calendar’s task on a certain day/week of the month (awful) or change how they schedule meetings to using a strict date, which for a project management software is pretty laughable. Can you imagine going to a business partner and asking if you can change a recurring meeting or report that gets sent out to a day, and if they did ask why, either having to lie or say that your project management software can’t do it?

Solving this issue would technical solve both as being able to sync with a calendar that has those features, I would assume, would necessitate having that functionality in Asana . At the very least, solving the other issue (Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day) would give Asana the ability to ask “Why don’t you just move your entire team’s scheduling into Asana?”. A bit of a poorer argument, but definitely within the mindset of trying always get closer to an “everything app”, which is pretty inline with what plenty of companies try to do. Instead, neither. This weird, awful, situation, that has a combined 1516 votes (granted there’s probably overlap) making this the second most requested feature behind assigning tasks to multiple people, a request Asana has said they will not fulfill. Meaning this is the highest request type of feature.