Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Something that I wanted to point out that I realized the other day, is that there is a similar thread request that has almost as many votes. This thread is about getting the functionality that almost all calendars have now, doing things like the third Monday of the month. Which if there was a real time, two way calendar integration, we would get as a symptom of that.

Now, I do realize these are different requests. If fact, I do actually personally just prefer if I could get the functionality without having to think of another app I need to be on or integrate. Although in the space I work in, non-profit, most people are actually more used to just using a third party application like google calendar. So really, it’s probably a little more functional, at least for me, to just have the two way integration.

However, my point is, this request is almost as highly voted at this one. Together, their request size is 900+ points, making it the second most requested functionality under being able to assign a task to multiple people. I only say this because at this point, if Asana could just do this, everything else would just be icing. Don’t get me wrong, always stay improving, but this is -at least to me- the only sore spot that when I want to talk about Asana or pitch to others, I hesitate because I know they’re going to get to that and wince. So I guess this is kind of something I wanted to bring up as just further argument to get SOME functionality that’s addressing the lacking calendar functionality in Asana. Thanks for taking the time to read!