Real time, two ways Calendar integration

Thanks so much, @Terri_Burden! Most appreciated and happy to help in any way.


Thanks so much for your patience @bob_christensen and @Rich_Lamendola!

I can’t say that I have the best news but nevertheless, I have an update. :slight_smile:

I brought your concern to our engineers and the solution is going to require more work on both Asana and Google’s end.

To be completely honest with you, we don’t have any changes planned in the near term but this is on our radar. They may use your suggestion to help inform future improvements to the integration.

Let’s hope for the best? If we have any updates about the status of this project moving forward, we’ll update the community.

Thanks again for your contribution to the community. We here ya and we value your input! :hearts:


Real sorry to hear that Terri. So close to useful for me but can’t make it
work without this feature.

Thanks again for working this up the chain.



Does anyone know when the sync runs? Is it set to specific times or does it vary depending on project?

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I agree with Bob. I love Asana as well and the only reason why I stopped using it was because of the calendar syncing. I switched to Nozbe because it syncs with my google calendar within 30 seconds or less of my putting a task into it. Because of that I wouldn’t say its entirely on Google’s end to fix. Hopefully Asana can improve on this. Its very useful.


After the already mentioned GQueues, Droptask, Hitask and Nozbe we can now also add Todoist to the list of task managers that created a successful real-time updating and bi-directional sync with Google Calendar. If all these were technically able to sort this out, why can’t Asana?

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Sunrise replacement KIN Calendar and their public roadmap on Trello - let’s all vote for Asana and hopefully we’ll see an implementation in the near future.


I totally agree with the others. This issue is the last hurdle for me to get my whole uni to churn from Trello. At the moment they use Trello with Calendar Connectors | Cronofy. Asana desperately needs decent two-way sync with Google calendar to remain competitive.


Figured I would chime in as well in regards to improved google calendar integration.

I have recently switched to using Asana and was in the process of migrating my team, but this will cause us to re-think our plan. I had previously been using Zendone which has a very seamless two way integration.

Any clarification on timeline for “near term” or likelihood of this moving from the radar to a planned changed?



We the people of Silicon Valley hereby agree with Sir @David_Schwarz!!! :slight_smile:

If our demands for real-time integration w/ Google Calendar are not met there will be massive consequences byway of no high fives or hugs EVER again! :frowning:





Our team also is just starting to onboard and we will also have to rethink and ask for our money back because we rely on calendars and sharing it with our community via google calendar…



Where’s my pitchfork… Ah. There it is. YEAH! WE WANT CALENDAR SYNCING!


I confirm. Real time google calendar sync would be a tremendous help.

At the moment it takes usually 24 hours to see new things, which is absurd. This is no small feature, but a major one so I am writing here in hope that its priority will go up. Asana is generally very useful and new things or small improvements can be a postponed and we wouldn’t mind, but real time google calendar sync is very important, especially if competition already have it and asana is behind.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Welp, I think the pitchforks, hashtags, and all caps, indicates that this is something of great importance for many of you. :slight_smile:

We really appreciate your honesty.

On a serious note, I don’t have a timeline to share (@David_Schwarz) but I’m working with one of our new team members, here at Asana, to advocate for the community and hopefully get the ball rolling on this integration. Any updates to this integration will require a joint effort from Google. It may take some time but it’s on our radar.

Please feel free to tag me with any questions, suggestions, and to check on the status of this development. We hear you loud and clear!


We have been testing Asana for some smaller projects where it wasn’t as much of an issue. But we had considered upgrading to Premium and inviting project partners. However, they won’t participate without easy and real-time Google syncing. So we are on hold for now.


Thanks for the feedback, Melissa! Making a note of this. :slight_smile:


I just started using Asana today. So far everything was perfect. However, after reading this post and notice that google calendar’s integration is really clunky I am not going to use Asana anymore. I am so dissapointed. Google calendar is helpful, Asana should fix this asap.


Started using Asana yesterday (moving from teamwork), and this is indeed one of the weak spots when comparing to the competition. As a premium single subscription is rather expensive for a single consultant, I would expect that this is fixed, so energize the team and let’s see it done !



Now I can remember why I was stopping to use Asana,
Actually, I really love this product, but Google calendar sync is an incredible missing for a Project Management Software.


Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on this, everyone! Our product team is aware of your feedback. :slight_smile: Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with!