Read Others Users My Tasks Section Name Today Upcoming Later

I have used the API using my own personal access token and using the HTTP Bearer Auth method. Its working and I can query My Tasks view and read the

I cannot get this data for other users. I see on the documents its filtered in some ways using this token.

Our space is a workspace not an Org.

Is there anyway. Such as making it an Org or creating an “App” that would allow me to read other users eg. Recently Added, Today, Upcoming?

Hi @Jon_Vickers,

My Tasks is generally private to each user. A personal access token accesses Asana’s API as you, so you’re able to see your own My Tasks sections, but not sections for others.

As you mentioned, you could create an OAuth app and ask other users to authorize your app to access the API as them. This would result in your app having an API token for each user who authorized your app. If you wanted to see a user’s My Tasks (including sections), you would use the corresponding token to access the API.

Hope that helps and here is some more info on Asana’s OAuth: OAuth