Trying to migrate from assignee_status to user_task_list

I’m attempting to update our private slack app that will show a user their tasks for “Today” as assignee_status is no longer working.

I’ve thoroughly read the post here regarding the deprecation of assignee_status, but other than a passing reference stating that we should now use user_task_list I can’t find any documentation on how to pull tasks with user task sections or how to fetch the sections for a given users “My tasks” board.

I have successfully pulled the user_task_list GID for a given user, but there are no methods in the API documentation that use this GID to fetch tasks or sections. Any help or links to documentation would be amazing.

Take a look at this thread where I describe how to use the user_task_list to get sections and tasks. I was looking for a better solution, but there isn’t one currently.


Thanks, @anthonycreek! The main thing I was missing was the fact that a user_task_list resource can be used in place of a project. Updating some documentation would really help there.

You mention this in your post, but the completed filter doesn’t work so we get all of the tasks which isn’t ideal. Hopefully, Asana can provide some updates to make this a bit better.

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