Radio Button Selection for Forms

The dropdown menu on Asana forms is great but it does not show the entire description if it is long. I would prefer to have a radio button selection option that lays out similar to the multi-box check.

Hi @Justin_Brooksby

Radios are single selects so use that. But not sure how that relates to the entire description being too long. Can you provide a screenshot?

Image 1 is how I currently have it set up. This is multi-selection
but allows the user to see the entire description. Image 2 is using a drop-down menu (single selection), it does not allow the user to see the entire description, except by the hover feature (not ideal). There is no radio button selection in forms. If there was a radio button selection I could use the same format I am using in Multi-selection and users could see the entire description.

Image 2
Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 10.03.35 AM