Query Custom fields as guest



Regarding the documentation:

Does “query” means using this endpoint to query an organization’s custom fields: https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/custom_fields#query-metadata, and does “read” means using this endpoint to get the metadata for a specific custom field: https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/custom_fields#get-single

We have been discussing it with @Phil_Seeman @lpb and @James_Carl and can’t figure it out.

My situation is: a guest can “see” custome fields in the app, but apparently can’t get them using the API…

cc @Joe_Trollo


Yes, I’m interested to hear too. And stated another way:

The simplest call to get custom field metadata is the following, but you have to be a project Member (not Guest) to use it:

GET    /workspaces/{workspace_gid}/custom_fields

With the following call, which is permitted for Guests, you can still get custom field metadata but only for one custom field at a time, and you’ll first need to know the gid of the custom field to ask about:

GET    /custom_fields/{custom_field_gid}

@Joe_Trollo, is the above correct and is that because as a Guest you should only have access to metadata for custom fields that you are sure already to have read/update access to? This behavior makes sense to me.




In our documentation, “query” means “retrieve multiple, maybe filtering” (e.g., GET /tasks) while “read” means “fetch single” (e.g., GET /tasks/<task-gid>)

@lpb—Yes, that is correct. Guests can only see custom field through projects they can see, so they cannot use GET /workspaces/<workspace-gid>/custom_fields. They should be able to use GET /projects/<project-id>/custom_field_settings with opt_fields=custom_field to get all the custom fields on a given project, though.


Thanks. Can we imagine the call GET /workspaces/<workspace-gid>/custom_fields returning only the fields a user is allowed to see?