Pushing Project "Template" Updates to Multiple Open Projects



My team has created a project template that we copy for each new project that follows the same exact steps (we have MANY projects that follow the same steps). Over time, the template changes, so we have to go into each individual project and manually update, which takes a lot of time and creates a lot of issues since our teams have so many contributors. We might have anywhere from 10-30 projects open at one time, and they each contain several dozen tasks. Outdated projects has become a real problem.

Would it be possible (if this already exists, please smack me) to be able to push project updates from one project (used as a template) to another (live)? The way I see it working is this:
When a template’s task’s description is changed (or subtasks are added, etc.), the UI gives an option to push changes to other projects (which I can select from).
When I push, the live project is changed to include the updates.
I’d have the option to view each affected task’s description pre-change, just like I can do now.



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