Pulling full Asana tables or fields into Excel through VBA or export

I am looking for the ability to pull Asana data points and/or full tables into Excel. I have hit the Asana CSV export size limit, so it is slowing messing up my exports.

I am not familiar with JSON but am willing to learn if that is what it takes. I can code VBA. Would prefer to link the table / I don’t need to update Asana, only need it to flow one way.

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Hi @Kimberly_Dalen and welcome to the forum,

If you’re open to using a 3rd party tool, I would look at something like Unito for this purpose.

The Asana API is not the easiest to work with if you’ve not done API-type work previously; having said that, take a look at this thread for some relevant info and code that might get you on your way:

Thanks Phil,
I’ll take a look. As an organization we actually are looking at Unito - the only issue being it requires you to save the Excel file in a SharePoint/OneDrive location. I am expecting to have some files in Box and do not see that as an option, so thought pulling directly would be best.
Any thoughts on this?

No further thoughts, sorry. I’m a little surprised about that limitation, but so be it.