Public read-only links: No access to task description, sub-tasks, or comments?

Am I doing something wrong?
When sharing a public read-only link, there’s a huge pop-up overlaying the task description.

What’s the value of a public link that shows only the task list with no details?
How are other people using this feature?

Hi Liohn :raised_back_of_hand:

Thanks for your question, I can understand that you might be puzzled.

But no, you are not doing anything wrong; that’s the way the feature is built.

To be able to see task details, create new tasks and collaborate, users have to be logged-in and have appropriate rights on the project.
More info on the Asana Guide : Read-only links • Asana Product Guide

I think the value of a public link is to provide a certain source of truth for all the stakeholders of a project, without involving them in the details. For example, having a look at a read-only timeline gives a good idea of the shape and progress of a project.

The next level of involvement would be to invite stakeholders as members of the project (with comment or edit rights).

Hope that helps. :v:

@Bastien_Siebman Can you please confirm? :slight_smile:

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Hi Lionh,

Nice to see you here :slight_smile: Arthur is correct, read-only view are quite limited at the moment. I could make a case for comments not being included, but the description seems like a no-brainer. Maybe this is coming!

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