Project types & templates

I attended an Asana training workshop last week in Paris. The trainer mentioned that projects can be categorized into 3 types: deadline projects, ongoing processes and reference projects. Are there existing templates which are particularly suited for each of these 3 types of project?

Did you look at the Asana official templates? You can see them when creating a project from a template. You can also check out

I could give a few examples otherwise.


PS : vive la France :slight_smile:

Hi Bastien! Yes, I did. I have already used templates for 1to1 meeting mins etc. But I don’t see anything to indicate that any of the official templates has been set up to support, e.g. a reference project. (I think I’m pretty OK with deadline projects, and maybe ongoing process too)

This is an example of a reference project: our list of internal processes. I hope this helps.

OK, very interesting, thanks!

On the site linked - I did not see a Reference type project template.