Project Templates Dashboard to help manage templates created by my team

Is there anyone out there who feels that project templates are a beast that needs a bit taming?

I have admin rights to the platform in one workspace.
Some people create templates and make them available for the workspace library. However, for me to be able to review templates, created by who, what date, when was the last time it was used, does the template include dates, custom fields, workflows, rules, etc… I would need to go into each template one by one.

I would like to be able to have a dashboard for all the templates in the library, accessible by who and so on.

Why? This will enable me to to conduct a full audit on the template ‘assets’, ensure templates are being used correctly, and not have templates duplicated in private - which would cause some propoer confused and ineffectivness especially when those templates are accessible to a group of people in different teams but happen to have access to both templates.

Any thoughts?