Project templates and tags

When we’re saving a project as a template, we seem to lose tags. Is there a way to retain them? Community Forum English

@Kirsten_Ly :wave: Welcome to the community!
At present, templates in Asana do not support tags. Therefore, if a project has tags assigned to tasks, those tags will not be preserved when the project is saved as a template. Nevertheless, forum users have proposed some workarounds. One suggestion is to use private projects as contexts instead of tags.

It appears that retaining tags when saving a project as a template is not feasible in Asana. However, the platform is constantly evolving and enhancing its capabilities. Thus, there is a possibility that this feature may be included in future updates.


@Bastien_Siebman looks like we missed this “what we lose” in Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose


Thanks I’ll add it!