Bulk Add Tags to Project Templates?

Hi there, I am creating templates for our team. Is there a way to bulk select tasks & add tags to them when you are creating a template, before you apply it to a project? Maybe I am missing it but this would be super-helpful when creating large project templates with many moving parts.

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Currently, you can’t do this when creating a project template from scratch, but I believe that if you start with a regular (non-template) project, add the tags for tasks there, then do Project actions menu > Save as template and I think that will persist them…I think!



Thank you, that doesn’t help me as we just started using Asana this year. I’ve been adding individual tags all day across project templates I created :sob: So time consuming! This would be a great feature, especially for teams just starting on Asana that will have recurring projects.

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That doesn’t matter; @lpb’s suggestion is available to you. Just create a project from scratch where you would normally create a project template; add the tasks to the project, then multi-select them and add tags in bulk, which you can do in a regular project via multi-selection; then “Save as template”.

For a template you’ve already created, you could create a project from it, then follow the same steps above to tag in the project and then save it back as a template again. (The only caveat in this sequence is to be aware that when you create a project from the template, if the template has assignees in it, those tasks will get assigned to those people in the project even though they aren’t “real” tasks.)