Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically

Please fix this Asana. Serious looking at other solutions because so many simple things like this still need workarounds. A template should be a template - not a quasi project. if it’s a template it shouldn’t show up in the current tasks for an assignee.


It’s an interesting idea, but only for small projects. With large project templates, that is a lot of work for someone to do, copying each “Future assignee” to the actual assignee field – maybe 100 or 200 or even 500 times for monster projects.

I agree generally that scale will break this workaround (so often true in Asana!)…but please be advised you can readily search for and select Tasks, and edit them in bulk, up to 50 at a time, I believe.

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It’s a good point. Thanks! I think some users will struggle with even that, but you are right, it is potentially much easier to assign tasks if there are a lot of duplicate names of people for those tasks, after sorting a list by the ‘Future assignee’ field.

Very concerning that, there is no resolution on this as of yet… Very disheartening. Didnt Asana recently go public? You guys have to tighten up and take your core users seriously. This is cleary a critical function in the world of project mgmt and to be among the leading innovative companies in the space, you HAVE to stay up with your user feedback… I would say more, but I have to get back to assigning ALL these tasks… Please and thank you. - Phil

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While we wait for a possible “fix”, let’s discuss the possible workarounds for that feature: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Thanks for your help!

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There is no workaround to this at scale… Its basic functionality. Remove the templates from MyTask lists and this would be solved.

I have 200+ Tasks in my list that just sit with no date assigned.

Marking the tasks complete is a nightmare, then you have to go and find them everytime you create a project, creating extra work and defeating the point of a system.


Our workaround for this is to leave the task unassigned in the template. Then when a project is created from the template the correct person and due date are assigned. This has the added benefit of accommodating staff changes between when the template is created and when the new project is made. Obviously it requires the extra step of assigning the tasks each time, which would be prohibitive for some.


I am new to using Asana templates. I have 3 templates that have around 30 tasks in them. Most of the tasks are assigned to me. Currently all the tasks in these templates that are assigned to me are showing up in MY TASK area and my phone has a notification badge of 96. When I convert a project to a template how do I make sure that the unused template isn’t plaguing the MY TASK area?

Hi @Robby_Randall and welcome to the forum!

This is a known issue… you’ll find quite a long trail of discussion about here: Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically
(and the moderators might merge your post with that thread).

While there’s no true solution for it at present, there are several workarounds to choose from which you can find discussed here: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds - see item F4.

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Thanks for your feedback @Robby_Randall! and thanks for sharing the main thread here @Phil_Seeman. I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with the main thread to centralize feedback.

I agree. It would be great if there was an option to mark the tasks in the template project with a “Role” and then assign the member to that Role.

For example, allows you to assign a role to the task, and when you spin up a new project, you are asked who is doing that role. Then, when the new project is created, all the tasks with that role are assigned to the relevant person in your team. See below:

Note: I’m not recommending, I personally think Asana is a better platform overall (that’s why we switched to Asana), but I do like the Role feature they have (above).

If Asana could implement something like this, that would be great.


With the new project overview, Asana introduced the role at the project level. So this is definitely going in that direction. You can mimic that behavior with a Role custom field in the template, applied on tasks.

I’ve been thrilled with Asana these last few days and have been planning on moving my law practice management over here, but then I discovered this template issue… why hasn’t this been fixed yet? It’s sort of bewildering.

Honestly, the workarounds are ok in my opinion and should not prevent you from gaining so much more by transitioning to Asana.

I find it difficult to weigh. I love a lot of what Asana does, and I applied the workaround that is suggested (moving everything into the “later” category). However, I also received an email on Friday at 4:55am entitled “Your Friday update” that included a bunch of template tasks that were overdue. It’s a mess, and they shouldn’t exist.

When would you ever want a task in a template to be listed in your “My Tasks”? It’s a template. If you mark the tasks as completed in the template, then they stay completed when you utilize the template for a new project – requiring you to uncomplete all the tasks in the new project. Why would you ever have a template and need to complete the tasks? I can’t think of a single use-case where I would want to create a template and still have to mark the tasks off as complete to keep them from my open task list. I keep trying to analyze this from different perspectives, and I’m failing to come up with how this is supposed to feasibly work.


The workaround is not feasible and doesn’t work in a big enough organization, as far as I can tell. We’ve lost multiple such templates when the individuals misunderstood the point of those tasks and modified the template. It wouldn’t be much of the problem if we could read-only the entire thing, but that doesn’t appear to be an option either. It’s been years now, and I find it bewildering that a very simple feature, to either completely restrict the editing of template tasks from members, or hide the template tasks from people they’re assigned to, hasn’t been baked in. We have a weekly process that splits up over 100 tasks among 10 people. Duplicating, renaming and assigning them every time is a nightmare.


Did you try to have comment only permission on the template itself?

Does anyone have any other workarounds besides moving tasks to later, which isn’t working well for us? I tried to skim through this long thread but didn’t see anything else. As a new Asana user, I’m really disappointed that there has really been no solution to this, besides the fairly ineffective work-around of moving tasks to later, for THREE YEARS. :frowning:

I actually have 5 workarounds, see F4 on 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds