Project - Tasks Duplication Loop

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Apologies in advance if the scope of the bug is to big and I need to break it down but after having a good look reading around it seems it might actually be 2-3 bugs happening at the same time, where I end up with a loop of tasks and subtasks been created in both the duplicated and the original project.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Project (X) Has Milestones (, Tasks (, Substasks (, and Substasks of Subtasks (

  2. So that it is all link, my Milestone has as Substasks, the Tasks which I also include on the Board for illustration in timeline purposes, all these tasks also have subtasks which I also include on the board so that they are also illustrated on the Timeline (Picture Included)

  3. Up to here all works well, but whenever I duplicate Project X, it duplicates all the Tasks and Subtasks on the board, as individual tasks, in addition to the Subtasks of the Milestones, in addition to the subtasks of the subtasks, almost creating a endless loop, causing lags, errors, etc.

  4. Even if I delete the new project, all the tasks (inside the milestones) and the subtasks of each task, seems to also be copied into the original project.

Browser version:
Version 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hi @Jonathan_Austin and thank you for taking time to repor this issue!

If I understood correctly, what you are experiencing is the same behaviour reported here: How to avoid subtasks from duplicating? Correct?

If yes, please have a look at my colleague’s post here to see if the workaround provided helps you in the meantime.

If it’s OK with you, I’m going to merge your post with this main thread to keep you posted in one place when we receive an update from the Product Team.

Looking forward to your reply!

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Yes, as I mentioned originally, though, it seems from me looking around the forum that I have actually managed to double the bug errors, where in reality I believe there is one bug where:

  1. Duplicating projects with subtasks - dependencies, ends up duplicating the subtasks in the original project also

  2. Delete what is supposed to be the same task, but it keeps showing up on other project or as subtask, e.g.:
    When I duplicate the project, the subtasks are help on both projects, clicking complete in one = marking as complete in the other
    However, whenever I try to delete the same tasks, it doesn’t delete.

  3. Subtasks Loop, whenever I do this duplication, either by template or by duplication, because the tasks are such that it shows:

  4. Milestones
    1.1) Task
    1.2) Task
    1.2.1) Subtask
    1.2.2) Subtask Subtask Subtask

And I then add all the tasks and subtasks to the board so that it can be illustrated in the timeline view

Duplicating this seems to be:
duplicating the Milestones with every task and subtasks within it.

  • Duplicating every single task and subtasks within it
  • Duplicating every single Subtask and Subtasks within it
  • Duplicating every single end subtasks

Now if Milestone 2 is dependent on Milestone 1
It is duplicating Milestone 2 + Milestone 1 + the entire situation above.

Similarly to what happened before, this is what causes the duplication of a single project of arguably couple hundred tasks, jump our entire company “engagement” by 6x, from 1000 Total Company Tasks. to about 6000, because of one project, endless task duplication.

  1. The additional “bug” then becomes, one subtask, is replicated 4-5 if not more times, and because Asana only allows to delete 50 tasks at a time, you can imagine it is not fun deleting 5000 tasks 50 by 50, plus the lag, etc…

In summary, I understand the underlying issue might be subtasks duplication, but in my case it feels like 3 if not more bugs, so I just wanted to highlight that, but do understand if it is part of the same “bug”

  1. Duplication of tasks in original project, even if dependencies not selected.
  2. Endless duplication of the same tasks
  3. Failed link between tasks, (can’t delete it).
  4. Even Undo fails to actually Undo the process.
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I have the same issue. Nothing related to recurrent tasks. It seems like a bug.