Project Status Headers not updating for all members when providing project status

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
As the project owner, when changing the headers within a project status update, it seems only certain members are seeing the updated headers and other members are not. When trying out again yesterday one of my project members saw the updated header within the status update and another member did not. This is happening on more than one of my project boards. We as well tried all troubleshooting tips.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to a project with more than one member
  • Select status next to project name and choose current project status; On track, At risk, Off Track, On Hold
  • Once status is selected and brought to the status update page, I change a header and then post.
  • When asking a team member to check same day, as well as after a 24hour wait, they still were unable to see the changed headers when reporting on a project status. Asked another member of the project to do the same and they did see the changes.

Browser version:

Upload screenshots below:
1st screenshot shows that header “checklist” is not even showing as a header for a member

2nd screenshot show the second header is different and not showing the updated version for a member

3rd screenshot shows a member who is seeing the updates made to the headers

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I just wanted to confirm and second all of this. I’ve been working with @aanderson-ctr and her great organization and one of those screenshots is from me while she, a colleague, and I were all on a GMeet to confirm this bug.

It’s exactly as Allie described it.

We can’t understand why when two project members start a status update on this project, they each see different headers instead of each seeing the last-posted set of headers, but that’s in fact what’s happening. This is either an intermittent bug or something is at play that makes one user different from another that we can’t fathom.

@Marie, if you’re able to escalate to the product team, we’d appreciate it, because this large organization is on the verge of rolling out this workflow and this will cause a big disruption until it can be addressed/understood.



Thanks for the report @aanderson-ctr and @lpb, I’ve escalated to our team to take a look into it and will be in touch as soon as I have an update!

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Thank you so much! Have a wonderful weekend :grinning:

Hello there :wave:

Our team looked into this for you and was able to reproduce the issue. This is the result of how Asana handles a specific suite of actions from multiple users (see details below) and isn’t technically a bug, but I understand it can be confusing and create issues, in particular with larger companies. Hopefully, this is something we can improve in the future!

The users who are and are not seeing the new sections are very likely encountering different scenarios:

  • When a user opens the status report creator, Asana first attempts to load a status report draft.

  • Drafts are created the first time a user opens the creator after publishing a status update.

  • If no draft exists (i.e., the user has never opened the creator OR has not opened it since publishing the last status update) then we create a draft using the previously published status update sections.

So if we have Users A, B, and C:

  • A starts writing a status report and adds new sections.

  • B opens (and then closes) the status report creator at any time prior to A publishing the status report, but does not publish anything. Note that B doesn’t have to actually write anything for the draft to be saved.

  • A publishes the status report with new sections.

  • C opens the status report creator for the “first” time, and sees the new sections created from the last published report.

  • B opens the status report creator and sees the “old” sections from the report draft created when they previously opened the creator.

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Thanks for the update!

@Marie , this is interesting!

Apart form headers, does the above also apply to the ‘Show or hide fields’ toggles within the Status Update editor/creator page?

I have noticed that even if I go in and set these fields for another user (eg. all fields showing) then when they enter the creator/editor, the fields do NOT appear as I had set them (eg. some are hidden). Would that not count as I created a draft for them to find ready?

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