Project into Subtask

Is there anyway to convert a project into a subtask or nest it into another project or fusión projects?

Hey Pedro! You can do one of two things:

  1. Drag and drop a subtask into another project, or
  2. Add the subtask to a concurrent project by going into the subtask details ( clicking on the “comment bubble” ) and adding the concurrent project.

I believe @PedroPablo_Leon is asking about nesting a project (set of tasks and subtasks) into an existing subtask, not the opposite. I don’t believe you can do this for an entire project, but I’ve sucuessfully done so with groups of tasks within a project. I’d recommend adding a common, unique tag to both the destination subtask and the parent task you want to nest. You can then perform an advanced search for that specific tag. From the results view you can drag items out of the parent task (into the center pane) and then back into the new destination subtask (after selecting the subtask so it can be seen within the right pane). Hopefully that makes sense. I perform this step often when looking to nest tasks across projects.