Is there a way of transforming a project in a task/subtask?

Hello Everyone,
I am upgrading a logical structure, and I would like to port a LOT of old projects and transform them into tasks or subtasks?
I know that there is a way of transforming a task in a project, but is there any way of doing the opposite? The alternative is to show all the tasks in a project, drag them in a new task one by one to make them become subtasks. For a couple of project that’s not bad, but for hundreds of projects, that may take my life away! :smiley:


Hi @Carlo ! I checked in with our support team about this and we actually don’t get this question a lot. At this point your existing option is your best bet. I sure hope it doesn’t take your life away!

Thanks @Alexis
Will roll my sleeves up and start working on it :slight_smile:

One alternative is to use our API to do this - I don’t know if you have the time and inclination to write a script to read the projects and create tasks with the same information, but it is possible! I guess it would depend on how many tasks we’re talking. Here’s where you could go to get started if you want to go this route: Getting Started - there’s an API endpoint that you can use to take existing tasks and make them subtasks setParent. You can make using our API somewhat easier by using our client libraries.

@MattBramlage 's idea is correct. If you know how to make a script, your issue will be resolved in no time. Automation is the key! :smile:

Hi all, I have the same question today. Has this been done within the last three years, by any chance?