Project I am an project admin for is in a Team with zero members and I cannot move the project

An old coworker had made a team “templates” (private) which is under the division for which I am the billing owner. There is a project they made that I still need and want to move to a different team, however he was the only member within that Team and now there are zero members. I cannot move the project unless I am part of the originating team. How can I force join this team so I can move the project?

Hi @Casey_Hebding ,

Welcome to the forum! I’m on an org plan, so not 100% sure this applies for a division plan as well (lmk if it doesn’t):

  1. Go to the admin console > Members
  2. Search for yourself and click on your name to pop out a modal with your personal settings
  3. Tab over to team access
  4. Search for the empty team and add yourself to it with the Add to Team button

I think this only works if you are a super admin (for orgs) or I believe divisional admin.

EDIT: apparently this doesn’t work for divisional admins

Nope, the option was grayed out there as well. I will submit a support ticket with Asana to see if they can adjust in from their end.

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You probably have to go through support. This is the only way when being locked out of projects or teams or goals…

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