Project housing "projects"

One way we are using Asana is a Lead Flow management system.

We’re basically using a project to house “projects” aka leads.

A lead comes in under the New Lead section, a number of subtasks are completed and it moves to the Prospect section. A lot of sub tasks occur in the prospect section. I’m looking for a better way to visualize the status of the lead within the prospect section based on the subtasks or sub-milestones that are completed.

It appears the best way to get a high-level overview of a lead’s status is by making each lead their own project but that is too much.


Hi @Brittany_Wray , welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Assuming each ‘lead’ is a single task and the sections you mention are either sections within the project or ‘sub-sections’ within the task (?), with numerous subtasks in each ‘lead’ task that are added as it goes through each section (or all subtasks are setup from the start, such as a Task template?)…

Personally, I think “too much” really depends on how many subtasks you have in your ‘lead’ tasks. I generally believe that subtasks should NOT be used excessively and there is an extensive debate on this (refer to this article by @Bastien_Siebman )

If each ‘lead’ goes through over 25-30 (sub)tasks, it sounds to me that you might be better off converting your ‘lead’ tasks into ‘lead’ projects instead. You can do this easily using this advanced action.

Additionally, if your ‘subtasks’ are always following the same Lead flow, it might be better having them as tasks setup in a project template which you could create for every new lead. And if a lead does not convert to a deal, then you can always archive a lead project so that it de-clutters your ‘Lead Flow’ team’s list of ‘lead’ projects. :wink:

:bulb: If you are on the Business Plan, you can add all your ‘lead’ projects into a Portfolio so you can get the high-level overview that you are perhaps looking for.

Finally, to help you decide on the optimal level of Project\Section\Task\Subtask you can refer to this useful post by @lpb


Thanks Richard,

What you’re saying makes sense. I do agree that the number of subtasks is indicative perhaps that the main tasks should bump up to projects. That said I like the view of seeing all of them on one project. I suppose this is why we should upgrade and use portfolios :slight_smile:

I will look into the link you have sent within your reply. I appreciate it!

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