Project Buddy - Color coding Asana Tasks sync to Goggle Calendar to override the master Asana calendar color

I am new to Asana and the Project Buddy integration for Goggle calendar. I have a paid subscription to Project Buddy & using Premium Asana version.

In Goggle Calendar I manually assign Specific Colors for each Asana Task/Meeting to associate each calendar entry based upon the meeting/task purpose.

These colors are different than the assigned Colors to the individual shared Calendars (i.e. GMail Calendar & Project Buddy Asana Calendar) being viewed on the (work global) Goggle calendar.

I find every time these two things occur:

  1. A task when Updated either in Asna or Goggle Calendar when it snycs will automatically change the Color manually assigned in Goggle calendar back to the “Asana” master calendar color.

  2. Every night Asana must update the next work day Asana calendar tasks and again each entry automatically reverts the color coding back to the assigned “Asana” master Calendar.

I was looking at the TASK TAGS in Asana with color codes, but these do not sync to Goggle calendar using Project Buddy.

Is there any way to override the default Goggle Calendar colors so the manually assigned Color Coding to each Task/Meeting entry appearing in Goggle Calendar do not change?

I’m including @Maggie_Reddi here, who is the creator of Project Buddy.


Any chance this could be integrated? I use a “Status” Custom field in asana to update the color of the task based on progress (red, yellow, green) how cool would it be to have this sync to the google calendar