Problem with project dates on calendar view

Hi guys!

As you can see, I create on a project a task and sub-task, but, when I insert the due date, it doesn’t appear on calendar mode. (Unfortunately I can’t print here my Asana)

What am I doing wrong?
The up right filter is not working too.

Thanks :wink:

Subtasks are not part of the project, and them not showing up on the calendar is actually intended behavior. See F3 on 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

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Thanks for quick response! This is a old request, right?! And for me is a huge barrier to manage my due dates…

How everybody else is managing that?

Thanks again

We either don’t use subtasks that much, or don’t use calendar, or multi-home subtasks into the calendar, see the workarounds at F3 in the post :slight_smile:

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