Problem- Asana Web hook support for Bulk operations. Not getting response for all the bulk operations.


We have currently set up Webhooks for Project and Task for Events- Added, Changed and deleted. We are getting webhook response for the specified event for single record operations.

In some scenarios, our users want to select multiple records and perform some operation on it.

e.g., User may select multiple tasks and add/update assignee for those tasks or add start and end date to the tasks.

While testing the webhook for this scenario where we do above mentioned operations on 20 different tasks, we observed that we are not getting Webhook responses for all the tasks.

Let say we perform a change on 20 different tasks at a time; we received only 6 responses during our test 1, later got 9 responses during Test 2 for the same use case.

Can someone please let me know what the issue could be and whether hooks are supported for bulk operations?

Thanks in advance!

Praneet Rane


Yes; it shouldn’t matter how updates occur, you should get webhook events for all of them. I don’t know why you would not and I’ve never experienced this problem. Are you sure your receiving infrastructure isn’t the issue and perhaps can’t handle a bunch coming in very quick succession?

Hi @Phil_Seeman ,
Thanks for your response.
To make sure about receiving infra not causing problem we verified it with our infra as well as some testing tools (Pipedream) to verify Webhook responses and found those responses matches with the one with our infra. That was the moment we thought to post this for additional help from Asana.