Private projects and team calendars


I’ve created a private project that only I can see but within a team that has other members. The tasks that I’ve created within that private project are visible to me on the team calendar but will they be hidden on the calendar from other team members?


Hi @Stephanie_Baxter

I was just about to say ‘yes, your private tasks will definitely be hidden on the team calendar’, but then I realised I’ve never actually tested that. So, I’ve just tested it and I can now assure you that they definitely won’t appear on the team calendar.


Thanks so much for your help!


@Mark_Hudson why isn’t there an option to create the private project outside of any team?


Hi @Mario_Huezo

If you wanted to create private projects completely outside of your team, you could create a separate workspace and put it there.

Here’s some more info on workspaces, in case you haven’t set one up before: