Priority Assignment - Custom Field

I’m working on the solution to “Priority Reports” for Asana task lists.
Feel free to check Asana backlog priority scoring w/ WSJF, RICE, Eisenhower Matrix

Here are my thoughts on how it can help you with all requests:

  1. Apply any Prioritization Framework like RICE, ICE, WSJF, AARRR, REAN, etc. or add your own priority criterion.
  2. No need to break the current Asana workflow. With 2-way sync, Ducalis pulls necessary tasks for the prioritization process, providing you with the priority report and push back the total score for sorting/filtering inside Asana.
  3. Make prioritization a collaborative process. Invite teammates to task evaluation, collect different opinions on task importance. Assign different evaluation questions for product managers, developers, and designers.
    Hope it will work for you. If you’d like to have a free 1-1 demo, don’t hesitate to book a slot


It seems super ridiculous that for over 5 years people have been asking to be able to see the “priority” of a project under “my tasks” or a coworkers “profile” and that the only place we can see that is under the project list. Can we expect this feature to show up soon?

With love.


Agreed - this is a fairly simple use case but very important in our cross-team management. Need to be able to prioritize from the My Task view. Todoist does this quite well. Any updates?

I would also like to have this @Alexis

Replying to say that I would also find this feature extremely useful.

Waiting for this feature.

I will have to find another tool if this is not getting fixed :frowning: which would be a pity, because everything else is nice and easy to use

Prioritization is not the main focus for task trackers. That’s why we built custom 2-way sync with Asana. Please try for prioritization Asana backlog priority scoring w/ WSJF, RICE, Eisenhower Matrix

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Hi everyone, our product team is aware this is a very popular request and we hope to have news about this feature in the near future! You can follow updates and upvote for this feature here → Custom Fields in My Tasks. Thanks for your feedback!