Priority Assignment - Custom Field

I’m working on the solution to “Priority Reports” for Asana task lists.
Feel free to check

Here are my thoughts on how it can help you with all requests:

  1. Apply any Prioritization Framework like RICE, ICE, WSJF, AARRR, REAN, etc. or add your own priority criterion.
  2. No need to break the current Asana workflow. With 2-way sync, Ducalis pulls necessary tasks for the prioritization process, providing you with the priority report and push back the total score for sorting/filtering inside Asana.
  3. Make prioritization a collaborative process. Invite teammates to task evaluation, collect different opinions on task importance. Assign different evaluation questions for product managers, developers, and designers.
    Hope it will work for you. If you’d like to have a free 1-1 demo, don’t hesitate to book a slot
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