Prioritizing Tasks



Does anyone know if tasks can be prioritized beyond simply setting due dates and having the tasks fall into order? I’ve been reading up in the forum and many people have this same issue, however, there does not seem to be a solution as of yet. Ideally, me and my team would like to see tasks labelled with priority appear on the home page so that we don’t need to dig around to find the most pressing tasks.




Have you thought about adding a tag - Important -A, Important-B (with Different Colors) or having that as a custom field? Then at least those tags and colors would show up so it’s less time consuming to dig around for the tasks that need to be done. Not a perfect solution, but it may help


There are a couple of built in options.

  1. Today in My Tasks
    All users have a My Tasks list. Users can then mark Tasks as Today, Upcoming, and Later. Users can use My Tasks and the Today section of the list to create a short list of items to work on immediately. Not exactly priority, but it can be a valuable tool to help manage your work.

  2. Custom Field
    You can also create a priority custom field and add it to all Projects that you want to use priority on.

Today in My Tasks is best for an individual user managing their own work. And a custom field is better for communicating priority to all users. They both have different advantages and can both be used simultaneously to help manage priorities.

However, you did say you wanted a team home page with Tasks labeled with priority. I’m going to take that to mean a view all users can access. I’m also going to assume you have multiple Projects, so you want a view where high priority Tasks from all Projects are in one view.
For this, I would suggest something along the following lines.

  • Create a priority custom field. I’d suggest using a drop down custom field.
  • Add the priority custom field to all Projects.
  • Populate the priority custom field.
  • Perform an advanced search where the priority custom field is set to High.
  • You can sort the results by Assignee or Project
  • Save the search
    You can tweak the search to get it to give you the view you are looking for, but it would give a single location to see all high priority Tasks.



Thank you! This was very helpful! I’ll pass it on to the team.


We have. Agreed, not the best solution but it does help.