Printing Labels Via Macro

Hi, were there any integrations which give us a tool which would automatically print a label with the specific field-data of whatever task we were editing at the time, e.g

A button which upon pressing will send to a label printer the data in the ‘name’, ‘height’, ‘number’ field of the task we completed

Welcome, @Nikki_Williams,

You could consider my Asana2Go Chrome extension for this which can do what you ask in a couple clicks with a custom format that you could create from examples or which I can assist with:


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Hi Larry, everything seems to be working fine, much appreciated for the suggestion and I’ve created a custom format for asana2go to output to our printer, however it seems to keep defaulting to 0.94inch tape size, rather than the 0.70inch tape I have in the machine, despite me changing it in the print dialog menu to 0.70inch tape. Any ideas why it might be doing that?

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Nevermind sorry, seems to be a local issue with my printer queue or something after some troubleshooting

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