Printing document shouldn't contain references to other Asana elements as raw hyperlinks


we often link to other tasks in the description field of a task. As an example, we use an Asana list/board for product specifications in which we link to different features that are related to each other.
In the description field, the name of the task is shown, and we can click on it to get to the element

When we are printing the list (we export it as PDF), the document contains https hyperlinks, which breaks the readability of the document!

I see two options:

  1. Just set the name of the other Asana task and highlight it
  2. Make the hyperlinks within the PDF clickable (which they are currently not)

Thanks for listening to our feedback suggestion.
Best regards, Hanno

@Hanno_Godecke, I voted, but fyi, there are new outputs of the add-on I created called Asana2Go that i made sure handle this correctly–@references in Descriptions are both human-readable and clickable. See:




Hey Larry,

I will definitely check out the plugin, thank you for creating this.
Somehow when I tried this morning to print a list/board it doesn’t insert hyperlinks anymore, but the name of the tasks instead! Linking/clicking on a task name still doesn’t work.