Potential BUG in API while fetching stories

Hi there,

When I’m requesting task’s (gid: 1199655314916928) stories, API returns an error with 400 status code.

The same request with the same credentials works fine for another task(gid 1200048128822214).

Could you help us to understand the problem?

Here is the flow of the process:

  1. we load all tasks from asana
  2. then, one by one we load task stories

In the second phase requests sometimes fail, sometimes no, which means that the token is correct, we use the same task ids which are provided by asana API.


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Hi @Nairi_Haroutiounian,

There will be an error message coming back along with the 400; that should provide some additional info as to what the problem is. What’s the message you’re getting back?

Without more details provided, I think you may have reached the api limitation of 1500 / minute for a paid workspace, or 150 / minute for a free workspace.

But, in these cases, the error is 429, not 400… so I’m not sure without more details about your error.


Actually, API started to return 500, Server Error.

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Oops! An unexpected error occurred while processing this request. The input may have contained something the server did not know how to handle. For more help, please contact api-support@asana.com and include the error phrase from this response.”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: https://asana.com/developers/documentation/getting-started/errors",“phrase”:"29 cuddly dolphins wait ably”}]}

This is the task gid: 1200048128822214

I’m trying to get stories.

@Ross_Grambo, can you tell what a 500 error with this phrase would indicate?

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Hey @Nairi_Haroutiounian , sorry for the delay. Could you send me another error phrase if you have one? That one might have got malformed or something because I can’t seem to find the stack trace.

Hey, you mean another task gid?

I’d be most interested in the error phrase the API responds with. I can look up the stack trace from that, and see what the error was.

@Ross_Grambo Any updates on this one? Did the stack traces provide new information? Would be great to have this issue resolved.

Hi, could we have someone from the Asana team (@Ross_Grambo) confirm that they are working on fixing this bug?

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Sorry everyone for the delay. Could you give me the exact request you’re making to get this error?

We found the stacktrace and are trying to repro it now. I’ll keep you updated!

Having trouble reproducing it locally. Could someone share the request they’re making? Is it simply GET /tasks/{task_gid}/stories with no params?

I’ve used Asana’s Node.js library. I’m just requesting the stories without any special parameters, so I guess internally you do request to that endpoint.

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Thank you. I’ll assume you’re using getStoriesForTask. I’ll let the API team know.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this, but also, we noticed that we haven’t had any occurances of the 500 error since Apr 27th. We’re assuming it’s resolved. Are you still seeing this error?

It started work, yeah probably the issue is gone.

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