Possible to run a report for project boards with an empty column or a task in a specific column without an assignee?

I use boards to manage client projects and I am trying to run a report for any project with an empty “tasks” column. There are various default tasks on my boards with no assignee (future tasks) that are included whenever I make a copy of my “client template” board, so running a general report for tasks with no assignee does not do the job.

Is it possible to create a report to look for any tasks in a specific column with no assignee or an empty column all together across boards?

Basically, I am trying to create a safety net letting me know of any board with no future task as my follow up with clients is crucial.

Hi @Barnett_Williams1 :wave:t3:

While it is possible to search in specific Boards column, you can only search for tasks, it’s not possible to search for “empty” columns I’m afraid. Moving your thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other members to vote for this feature request!

Have a great day!

I am trying to create a report - Overdue tasks by Projects in a Portfolio that have ‘No Assignee’.
Similar to above, I have default tasks or tasks that have been added but not assigned to anyone. I can filter by assignee but I do not seem to be able to filter by ‘No Assignee’ /or Assignee = blank.
Any suggestions please.

Hey @Gordon_Cooper welcome to the Asana community!

Just type in “nobody” in the assigned field in the advanced search.