Possibility to make progress statuses public to the organization

(Unless I have missed something…)

Projects have the possibility to post status updates about their progress. It seems that the only users who can access these updates are the project members and other users added manually as subscribers to each update.

It is reasonable to think about scenarios where a project wants to share these statuses with the rest of the organization. A “public” setting for progress updates and/or a “Make public” option like for each update (like the one tasks have) would solve this problem.

In our project, we would like to have all statuses public to our organization, and then we make sure that the tasks linked from the updates are made public beforehand. This way, whoever in the organization wants to read those updates and related tasks can do so without having to join a team or request to be added manually to each update by a team member. So far, almost every time we have posted and update and shared the link, we have got a confused colleague who wanted to learn more but couldn’t.

In fact our ideal scenario would be to set entire projects as Public for the organization, which would allow us to share links to updates and tasks. The public status updates would be a simpler and logical request.

Hi @Quim_Gil, thanks for reaching out!

You can achieve this by setting your project as Public to the Organization.

Once you set the project as public, every member of your Organization will be able to access the project and the status updates. However, only project members will be notified of new project status updates. If you wish to send an update to the entire team, you can post a Team Conversation.

Alternatively, if you have a Business Plan, you can create and share a Portfolio with all members of your Team/Organization and you can send Portfolio Status Updates for everyone in the Portfolio.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you @Emily_Roman!

I see now. “Public” permissions for a project are defined at a team level and not at a project level. I have created a team only for this project because we don’t want to have the same access level for all the projects our team owns.

This approach is not very intuitive and I had looked for this setting, but it works as intended now. Thank you again for sharing the tip.

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