Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields

This is super important. It would allow us to work so much faster finding the tasks we need.

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+1 One charity manager mentioned this was a bottleneck for reviewing tasks by priority for them

+1 we are implementing an electronic heath record system that tracks hundreds of outstanding issues, changes, and bugs. I’m def. going to try the Asana2Go tip above. But ideally I’d love to filter by a custom field then sort by tag. That would arrive at a helpful search like: show me all tickets that are assigned to my team for testing and group them by utility in the EHR. Totally agree with everyone here that multi filter on reports would be so helpful generally.

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@Kristian_Sekse, If you try Asana2Go, do look at the example formats at the end of the list, in particular the ones called “Example Only - eachSortGroup Helper” and “Example Only - Table - Interactive.” Also, I’m at work on another standard format that may provide a more out-of-the-box solution soon. Finally, some satisfied clients are using custom reports they requested, another way to go.