Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields

This is super important. It would allow us to work so much faster finding the tasks we need.

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+1 One charity manager mentioned this was a bottleneck for reviewing tasks by priority for them

+1 we are implementing an electronic heath record system that tracks hundreds of outstanding issues, changes, and bugs. I’m def. going to try the Asana2Go tip above. But ideally I’d love to filter by a custom field then sort by tag. That would arrive at a helpful search like: show me all tickets that are assigned to my team for testing and group them by utility in the EHR. Totally agree with everyone here that multi filter on reports would be so helpful generally.

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@Kristian_Sekse, If you try Asana2Go, do look at the example formats at the end of the list, in particular the ones called “Example Only - eachSortGroup Helper” and “Example Only - Table - Interactive.” Also, I’m at work on another standard format that may provide a more out-of-the-box solution soon. Finally, some satisfied clients are using custom reports they requested, another way to go.



+1 this should utmost important thing. The main thing you expect from a project management tool is to manage your tasks, projects efficiently. This requirement plays really important role doing so. At now i have to create individual reports for each custom field i have so that i switch through them every time and its cumbersome.

+1 urgent

This would save a lot of work. I’d simply like to see “all my tasks” sorted by priority and this (simple-seeming need) is not currently possible. I can create a separate report for -each- priority, but that workaround is cumbersome.

Very important, +1

If an add-on is an option, you can create custom reports from Asana data with the Analytics and Reports by Screenful. You can configure any of the task properties, including your custom fields, as the columns and choose the sorting criteria:

Adding my vote for this as a built-in option.

Our management currently uses an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all projects within the company. We are working on custom reports that would replace the excel spreadsheet. It seems that the report information can only be sorted by a few default options. Is there a way to sort by values in the custom fields? If sorted by the default option of “by Assignee” is there a way to sub-sort values in numerical order?

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Hi @Tifany_Butterfield, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to sort reports by custom fields. We already have a request in our #productfeedback category, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields to centralize feedback. We’ll update the main thread when we have updates about this feature.

Hi Emily - any status on this? Would be a very valuable feature for many it seems, particularly for sorting priority.

Does this only work on exporting? Or does this change the actual view in Reports?

@eneriynaffit, It’s not export but it’s not in Asana itself; a separate browser tab opens. You start the process by selecting–in Asana–the tasks to report on, either in My Tasks, a Project, or in Search Results. Feel free to try it (you can have it installed in 30 seconds) or have a look at videos here:


Hi @Emily_Roman . Any updates on this request please?

+1 looks like this is a pretty common ask. This for me is standard on any type of table view in any software. You have a table, you can sort ascending/descending by clicking the header, end of the story. Any update on this its been several years since this post!? :slight_smile:



Need this!