Pls change ":)" emoticon to the correct one


This may sound stupid but “:)” emoticon currently shows as “:D” emoticon.

First world problems I know but it pains me to see that emoticon every time I want to smile, not laugh!

Heh, cheers.


Haha @Henri_Lindgren, great catch! I’ve never noticed that before. I’ll put it on the team’s radar!


@Henri_Lindgren Just wanted to let you know that the smile emoji has been fixed! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!


Kristen, this is great news!

At the same time I’m feeling happy (like this :slight_smile: ) but also proud that my discovery can now provide improved and ever so accurate moments of joy to the rest of the Asana community.

Thanks for your hard work Kristen and have a cheerful week!