Pin task button panel



When scrolling through a long task I loose sight of the buttons on the top panel.

Please pin it when I scroll


Thanks for your feedback @Michael_C_Kring. I don’t believe we’ve planned to make any change in the near future, but we will certainly keep this in mind for a future tasks pane update!


Oh yes, thats very simple feature which will improve task view! My team is really mad when scrolling down and up the task to add eg. new attachment… I wonder how much time we spent on scrolling the task view last month…


Thank you. I totally agree with you. We need som more votes for it though.

Maybe your team can help?


I’d never thought of this. Good one. It would be a simple change but would save so much time.


Sending to them… for votes.


@lpb can you please help us here?

We need som attention to this simple but timesaving change.


Hi @Michael_C_Kring, I usually use keyboard shortcuts (close to half of the detail pane commands have them) and don’t find this a big hardship in my case, and I appreciate having the full height for scrolling, but to offer a solution…

A few CSS lines can fix the header during scrolling. I didn’t spend more than a couple minutes to test, but this seems to work on first blush at least. Note the scroll bar position shows the header present while the detail pane is partially scrolled down:


and just these additions accomplish it:

.SingleTaskPaneToolbar {
    position: fixed;
    z-index: 1000;
    background: lightgrey;

Making these CSS changes permanent is something I’m not that familiar with though others on the Forum have offered solutions. Just be careful, for example note the possible concern with Stylish in the article below, and perhaps consider the alternatives near the end:

Hope that helps!


CSS wasn’t the help I expected. But you opened a book I didn’t know about before.

I will try to work on the shortcuts. My Challenge is that I don’t use Asana enough to remember all.

Thanks @lpb