Personal projects should not have team assignment

Why would you make it so a team must be assigned to a project. I want to create a personal project. No one needs to be assigned to that except me.

Agreed. The only significant attributes of a Team are: Members, privacy, and Integrations. A private project clearly has only 1 member and the privacy also should default to only 1 person viewing. To force a private project into a Team is arbitrary and provides little value.

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Although not the most logical to me. I determined the way to achieve this is to create a TEAM of myself as the only member and then hide it. Then when I create Projects I merely select MY team for the team membership. To me…not the most rational when a simple pulldown or button would have done the trick.

Oh well.

Hi folks,

Choosing a Team when creating a project is essential because of the current Asana infrastructure. If you’re not comfortable choosing a Team with colleagues, I’d recommend creating your own team to nest your personal project, as this is not something we’re planning to change anytime soon.

Alternatively, you can also create a separate Workspace to manage your personal projects!

Hope this helps!