Permissions in Portfolios

Hi, I’m new to portfolios so this was a n00b move, but hopefully someone has an idea how to fix what I did.

TL;DR: I need to remove hidden portfolios from a portfolio I own.

How do I remove hidden portfolios (& projects) from a portfolio I own and am the only member of? One key problem to note: I have no idea who owns those hidden portfolios, or the names of them.

The backstory:
I created a portfolio & was trying to add other portfolios to it. I found one that I thought was ours, noticed my name was listed as a collaborator, but I have no affiliation with that project or team. So I made that portfolio private & removed myself…now I have a message saying some of the portfolios within my master portfolio are hidden to me due to permissions (because I didn’t remove them before I removed myself from them). I assumed that when I no longer had access to a portfolio, it would be removed from my portfolio.

Bonus question to due my surprise:
I’m surprised that something I no longer have access to can still be contained within a portfolio I own. If I’m the owner, wouldn’t I need access to everything in it? Even if it’s just view access?

Thanks in advance!


Side question: why is this a problem? Apart from the message obviously.
I don’t know any ways to do this. Maybe you can delete the portfolio all together and recreate one?

Hi! Thanks for the quick response!

I view it as a problem because…now that I think about it, maybe I don’t know enough about how portfolios work yet. I think it’s a problem for 2 reasons: I don’t like “dirty code,” and I don’t want the work of those projects being part of my measurements of success for my portfolio.

But if I can’t see them, does that mean they won’t show in my measurements? I haven’t explored measuring at the portfolio level yet. Are there charts - or at least numbers - that show how a portfolio is performing? I haven’t even looked that up yet.

As for just deleting & retrying, it never occurred to me. Ha! So if there isn’t a way, or it’s too hard, I should definitely do that. Thank you for the easiest answr (and most obvious to everyone but me apparently) that I didn’t even think of. LOL!

Portfolios offer a way to show projects next to each other and compare progress. Not seeing some projects won’t affect your own list. Portfolios don’t have a dashboard so you are good on that side also.

However, that is a very good question to ask and something we have been exploring a little with @Julien_RENAUD : Universal Reporting (top left corner) allows you to build reporting from tasks in projects, portfolios, teams etc and if shared with someone, will show them the results even though they don’t have access to the underlying data. In your case, the question is: if you create a report for “number of overdue tasks in portfolio X”, will it pick up projects you don’t see? I don’t know.

Our experiment with Julien was to build a report based on “number of tasks inside the entire account” and the guest that created the report had access to the number of tasks within teams they had a project in, so it did look beyond what they were allowed to see. Correct @Julien_RENAUD ?


Yes correct, total number of tasks was the number of task within the team, and not only within the projects the guest had access to.

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