Part1-PeacefulHub Asana System-Framework Evaluation

Hi all,

After some inspiration from the post by @Bastien_Siebman

I decided to not only evaluate the Asana System that I have setup but also hopefully provide this community with a Use Case that others maybe able to make use of.

Before I get into that I just want to call out a big :clap::raised_hands: to this Community for providing hints/tips and ideas on how to get the most out of Asana, a lot of them are incorporated in this system. So here goes;

Part 1 is using Bastien’s framework to evaluate of my Asana System.

My Asana System is made up by teh following;

:hammer_and_pick:The Tools

  • Asana – Premium Version
  • Flowsana – Automation within Asana using rules type approach.
  • Zapier (Easily to configure app integrator)
  • Integromat (A bit hard to use but more powerful app integrator)
  • Saasu (Australian Based Accountancy Package)
  • Google Forms
  • MS Word & Dropbox

:v: The Client

  • My Wife’s Business… (Which is why I used the Peace Sign)
  • She is not avid Asana user.
    • Is not proficient at all the aspects of Asana and how it works.
    • But is actively trying to make it her goto task management and workflow tool

:scroll:The Objective of the system

  • Manage the collection of initial Prospect Details through to becoming a Client.
  • Streamline the Invoicing and Accountancy aspects.
  • Provide a single view of all the Bookings for each of the Clients.
  • Automate and Simplify.
  • Have associated Processes to enable this to be passed on VA or Assistant.

🤼 Users

  • Just my wife and myself
  • I have explored and will keep exploring the use of creating role specific Guest, like the CFO & the Invisible Man (The coolest Asana rules 😎)
  • As above future users maybe a VA or employee

:family_man_man_girl_boy::gear:Teams & Projects

Firstly I have two Dedicated Teams for PeacefulHub – The first Team is “:v: PeacefulHub” this team holds all of the Projects associated with Running and Building of the business eg. Goals Project, Planning Project, Reference Library and two of the key projects in this System. The Second team is the ”:v:pH7 Clients” team which is the Team dedicated to the Clients of PeacefulHub.

The projects dedicated to this system in the :v: PeacefulHub team are;

:v:pH7 – List of all the prospects, clients, suppliers etc. Each Task is an individual Prospect with Custom Fields to categories the prospect, to capture key details eg Ph Number, email etc.

:question: Why pH7 – well the pH is for Peaceful Hub and when combined with the 7 you have the perfect balance between Alkaline & Acidity, so our Prospects and Clients are the perfect balance for our business.

:page_facing_up:Incoming Forms – When a prospect request or is sent an inquiry/booking form link, the resulting completed form is stored in this project and then processed and made a SubTask of the Prospect Task in the pH7 project. This project is a Board style project with column’s/sections indicating the status of the processing of the form.

:date:Booking Calendar – This project contains all the bookings for the hiring of the spaces at PeacefulHub, each Task has the name of event and the facilitator name which is then multi-homed in a specific event section within each Client Project. It utilises custom fields to identify the space used and other key booking details. The default view is the calendar view with the colour displayed being a specific colour for the spacing being booked enabling availability to be easily determined.

The projects dedicated to this system in the :v: pH7 Clients team are;

Each Prospect that is converted to a Client has a Project based on a standard template, then the Task associated for this now Client in the :v:pH7 project is multi-homed in a reference section in the Client Project.

DetailedClientInformation – When a Prospect completes a booking form additional information is then captured specifically for that Prospect/Client in this project utilising custom fields. The Prospect Task in pH7 task is added to this project, so all of the important Client Details can be referenced from the one Task.

:v: pH7 Client Schedules & Invoices – When an Invoice is generated from our Accountancy Package it is sent to Asana and assigned to the CFO (my Wife) to review and process. It currently also includes the Schedules (Event Details and T&C’s) but not sure if they should stay here. These tasks are then multi homed in the Client Specific project in a dedicated section, custom fields are used to capture key details and status.

So now using @Bastien_Siebman Framework here is what I came up with.


So all of my projects do have multiple tasks and dedicated sections to collate like themed tasks.

They don’t have many subtasks in general the Prospect Tasks normally have less than 10 subtasks before either being converted to a dedicated individual project or “No Action” section.

:grey_exclamation:Interestingly one of the reasons I converted to dedicated Projects for each Client was that having a Single Task in in the :v:pH7 project for prospects and Clients ended up have lots and lots of SubTasks which without the collapsibility make the task difficult to keep track of. So definitely agree with suggestion around too many SubTasks.

As I am using a dedicated Team to Home the all of the Client Projects this can easily Scale without creating noise.

For this System none of the projects should be archived as they are more Operational Style rather than Project Delivery Style makes sense.


So by utilising the Custom Fields and dedicated Projects by Client I can/should be able to search easily for data and client information.

:grey_exclamation: After reviewing this against my projects I don’t have any Advanced Searches setup. So next client meeting will have an agenda item to discuss what is needed in this space.

Now one thing that has come up when Searching is that because the original Task in :v:pH7 project has the same name as the Project Name for that client name, you get two results coming up when searching. This can be slightly confusing.


Think I have this covered reasonably well. The Client Projects have a dedicated Team so that makes it reasonably easy to Navigate. If Asana can add functionality to be able to sort Projects Within teams this would be even easier.

Tasks are multi-homed and/or in dedicated sections to easily get back to Prospect/Client overall view of progress.


Currently don’t use Export facilities as part of this system. I have explored the @lpb Asana2Go extension to see if there is a way to easily get the data in the Booking Calendar in a format to easily print out for use in Flyers etc. this is still a work in Progress.


Yep think we have this well covered as tasks that are completed can easily be found if necessary, as they are all linked to a Project or visible in a Project.

Now the current workflow doesn’t in general complete tasks but utilise Custom Fields to indicated progress to completion. Exception being Action Orientated tasks, ie send Invoice, Call prospect X…


I go this one covered generally tasks are not in more than 3 Projects. I utilise standard templates for both Task Details and Projects to minimise Re Work.

And I heavily use Automation to help take the need to refer to a Process document etc out of the picture.

So overall I think my system gets ticks allround… With probably only a half tick for Searching…. What are your thoughts?

Part 2 of my Use Case will go through the Worfklow and the Automation I have in place…


WOW @Jason_Woods, thank you so much for sharing those insights with the Community, it’s so interesting to see how you’ve set up your Asana system, and I’ve no doubt this post will be very useful to other customers looking for inspiration :v:

And of course, thanks to our Certified Pro @Bastien_Siebman for starting this conversation and sharing his framework to evaluate Asana systems!``

For whoever is reading this thread, Part 2 is available here: Part2:PeacefulHub Asana System-Workflow & Automation


Thank you so much for sharing all this amazing content, @Jason_Woods!

This is incredibly helpful and a source of knowledge and advice for the Community. :clap: :trophy: I also love how you used emojis in your posts :partying_face: Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for the great tips as well!


Thanks @Marie & @Emily_Roman

Yes enjoyed using the emojis probably the most I have ever used…



Wow, this is fantastic, @Jason_Woods!

@Bastien_Siebman would be proud of you.


Incredible job and great resource you’ve provided here @Jason_Woods – thanks!