Outlook Plugin Adding Tasks to Wrong Account

I have two Asana accounts. When I try to create tasks from my Outlook using the Asana Outlook plugin, it creates the tasks to one but I need them to go to the other. Is there a way to set a ‘default’ or a way to specify when converting and Outlook item to as task which account it should be added to?

I’ll also add the same question for if it happens to be team-related? How can I specify which team or project an Outlook task will be created under?

Hi @Cassandra_Coleman, thanks for reaching out! I don’t think there is a way within outlook where you can switch the account associated to the add-on. Can you try uninstalling the Outlook add-on, then try to install it again from the account you want to set as primary (the one that will create the tasks in Asana): Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource? :slight_smile:

Hi @Emily_Roman, I wonder if there is any update on this issue since 2021? I have several workstations under one account and Outlook plug-in links to one (randomly) and unfortunately the wrong one. I hope it is possible to link only one workstation to Outlook. Thank you!