OTD for Projects

Hello! I was hoping someone here could help. My team is trying to utilize the reporting section of ASANA to report our teams KPI’s. Does anyone know how to report projects on time delivery (OTD)? We use a template when creating a new project and set an estimated completion date and then we update the running date as the project progresses. Each time a project is completed, we place it into a completed projects portfolio and some data is recorded into the reporting dashboard we created. What’s missing is for us to report a way when projects were completed on time, under the estimated completion dates or over. Ideas appreciated, thanks!

Hi @Parise_Reynolds

I don’t know of a chart in Asana for Project completed on time. There is one for completed status, but that does not compare to the project due date. It just shows how many are in each status.

We have done this in Power BI with project due date and status complete date then draw charts on average time to complete and # of projects overdue, ontime, early.

I would have to think Asana is adding this at time point to reporting since the Completed status was recently added.

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