Organizationwide report of all overdue tasks, all people, all projects

I have created a report of all people in my organization, of all tasks incomplete over the last 20 days. The result can be sort sorted by due date, but not by person. When I filter by person, the dates are not in order, just random. I need a report that generates 1st level by person, then the date overdue in order. I do not want to create tags, I just need to sort. There does not appear to be a way to download to excel and manually sort.

You can easily do this with Asana2Go by selecting your search results, then in Asana2Go choose the CSV Detailed format and output to a CSV file which you can open in Excel and do the multiple sorts as you mention; all the columns you need will be there.

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Hi @jbirkes and thanks for reaching out! As it stands it is not possible to sort a report with two criteria (assignee and date in your case) but if you haven’t done so yet, I would recommend adding your vote to this thread How do I Sort by Assignee then Due Date. In the meantime, the solution offered by @lpb above should allow you to accomplish exactly what you’re looking for!

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