Organizations v. projects


I am new, and a consultant. I work with 2 organizations, each with multiple projects within them and multiple team members. I am confused about how to set all this up.


For me the main question is: are you using Asana to solely manage YOUR work and tasks? Or is EVERYONE that is involved with these Teams/Organizations going to also be using Asana?
That would drastically change how I set things up, personally.


eventually, I want everyone to join. for the moment, I am trying to set up a structure that works. one company that works with two other companies/projects each with it’s own sub projects.


OK, so I’ll try to be brief on how I would do each method, since you may do both at some point.

Option 1
JUST ME: If I’m just using Asana for pretty much personal task management, then I would kinda retrofit the way Asana is setup and within my account I would just use Projects for both companies. So I might have a Project called “Company A” and a Project called “Company B”, and then any Tasks I create would fall into one of those Projects. If I had a lot of projects within each company and wanted a way to further sub-divide, you could name your Projects “Co A - Spring Roll-Out”, “Co A - Fall Implementation,” etc. - so that the Project Name identifies the Company and also what Project at that Company it relates to.
***As I said, this is kind of going against normal Asana structure, but the reason I would do it this way is because it would keep everything (all your Tasks) in one place.

Option 2
LOTS OF PEOPLE: If other people within those companies will be using it then the best way to setup is to create an entirely distinct “Workspace” for each Company. These Workspaces are completely segmented, so it’s better when you start having a lot of other collaborators, etc. The downside is that then you essentially have completely distinct areas, not one area with it pulls all of your Tasks together, across all your companies.
But to do this you click on your Profile Pic and go to More > Create New Workspace. So you can create 2, and name them after each company. Then within each of those you can set things up in a logical way: a Project should be an actual Project at that Company… and you can add Team Members, etc.

Does that all make sense? It’s a little tricky to explain.


I also should have asked - does your company have it’s own domain? Like when you created your Asana Account did you do it with a Company email, or a personal (like gmail?)