Option to add Messages to projects after created

With the new Messages feature, users can create a message inside of and outside of (private) a project. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to put a message that was originally created outside of a project into one. (screen shot) This would be a function just like moving a Task from being just in My Tasks to being in a project.

Adding Messages to Projects

This would be useful in a few different scenarios, including one that has already occurred since Messages was implemented just a couple of weeks ago. I now have two Messages that were created mistakenly as “private” by clients who are not yet familiar with this new feature and they actually need to be in their projects, but I have no way to get them there. Additionally, there are times when a message may start seemingly unrelated, but turns out needs to be active in a project.

Additionally, both of the client Message examples I’m dealing with at the moment occurred when the client opened a new message inside of their project, but didn’t understand that the “To” field with their project name meant that the message would be posted inside of/apart of the project and therefore X’ed out of it inadvertently making it private. Messaging being “sent to” a project isn’t intuitive. It would be nice for a message that is started inside of a project to be automatically added to that project, again, similar to how Tasks are automatically added to the project that they are created in.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @Chasity_Scoggins, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to multi-home a message after it was created. I’ve slightly updated the title to make it more discoverable to other customers that would like to support it. I’ll let you know if we
have plans to implement this option in the future.

Hi @Emily_Roman — not sure if this ticket really is about multi-homing.

Just to make sure: At least in my experience the issue has been about the lack of a dedicated home for messages to begin with, and increasingly so with agency clients/guest users in collaboration projects where you can’t do onboarding on the same level that you manage with your staff members.

What our clients try to do is stick to the rules and be transparent in communication. So they don’t send emails, they shoot us messages. :clap: However, intuitively messages get send to people, not projects. And most of the time, I assume, clients won’t compose these messages from within their project. They use the :heavy_plus_sign: icon or that button on their inbox page. A user name or two get added and the message is sent privately, but they go about it without much consideration or intention. They wouldn’t even try to add a project name, although there’s your description naming the option, I know.

What clients end up with more and more often is producing messages cluttered all over the place, hidden somewhere in private reports with multiple sets of recipients. When clients realise (or get told) what’s happened there is no way of turning it all back. A project can’t be assigned after the fact, not even on their behalf, to keep things tidy.

Sometime I wish they’d have sent an email now. The old kind of cluttered information. Because then I could just forward it to the right place and get everybody up to speed with one action … currently I have to keep adding people as followers and post reference links back and forth so nothing gets lost.

Bottom line: It’s become more overhead not less, because I can’t move a message to a new home.

Or am I getting it all wrong anyway and there is a workaround to add a single project after the fact? Thanks in advance!


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