Add a rogue message (that isn't in a project) to an existing project's Messages tab

Hi there! I’m trying to find a way to assign a message to a project. Clients keep messaging me outside of our project and it’s all getting lost. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @Casey_Clarke , welcome to the forum :wave:

Unfortunately, you cannot currently add an existing personal message to a project.

For such cases, you should use the ‘Messages’ tab which you will find in every project:

In some Asana instances, it may be under the ‘More’ tab.
All messages will be compiled there (along with Status updates) so it’s best to urge your clients to use this tab instead of creating rogue messages directly to you.

Additionally, all messages will also be compiled in the Overview tab, on the right, along the vertical timeline, including any status updates.

Thanks - can this be added as a feature request then? It happens all the time.

Also, is it possible to block personal messages in Asana or disassociate myself from previous clients so they can’t message me in Asana anymore after the project is completed and archived?

Hi @Casey_Clarke , I have edited the title slightly and moved your post into the Product Feedback section. You can click the purple vote button in the top left corner, at the top of this thread.

Regarding the below, best to create a new post for this in the Tips and Tricks :

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