Only consider an approval as completed task when really approved

I’m having a serious issue with the behaviour of approvals, especially when connected to a rule or dependency.

The identical case has been described here already but was never solved: Wrong notification about the status of an approval task - #3 by Daniel_Zweier

Basically and technically speaking, an approval currently seems to be considered as done even if you “Request changes”—and as a consequence resolves dependencies although they aren’t actually resolved. This doesn’t reflect workflow best practice and really needs to be corrected soon. :pray:

I would appreciate if this was prioritized somehow. It’s a very conflicting behavior on a fundamental part of the tool that’s been existing for a very long time now.

Welcome, @Philipp_Wolf,

Don’t forget to vote for your request!

Until/if Asana makes such a change, consider using this approach in the meantime (if you haven’t already):