Once custom template created, deleting project

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I have created a bunch of custom templates from blank projects - so they are now converted to template. I have them listed under a team called “templates” however I want to know if I can delete all these “projects” which are converted templates, or will this delete the template as well.


A template is simply a project you “marked as being a template”. If you delete the project, the template won’t be available anymore. Does that answer your question?

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Hi @Tori_Jaffer, thanks for reaching out! As Bastien mentioned, if you delete the project the template won’t be available when you try to create new projects using the template. You can learn more about custom templates in this article:

I hope this helps!

Perfect - yes that is exactly what I was wanting to find out.
Great Thank you!

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My project that I’ve created into a template has people and dates associated with it, so all those people have a to do item associated with the original template in their My Tasks. Can I mark all those complete and the new project (created from the template) will start fresh? Or how else do I avoid having my whole team feel the clutter of a template?

Hi @Andreea_Borcea1 and welcome to the forum!

This is a commonly-encountered issue as you might imagine. Please see item F4 in the below article and the list of workarounds for some possible ways to handle it:

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