Onboarding a new staff member

Hello. I have created an account using an email within my domain for a new staff member and added it the the team. She already has and uses her own Asana account. So she doesn’t have to go between 2 Asana accounts to attend to my organisations tasks, I would like the team we are in together( both with my domain) to show up on a secondary workspace within her own Asana account. Is that possible? Thanks.

Hi @Jenny_Eaton
this is normally how it works, when you do have some workspaces and organization. You have access to switch from one to the other by selecting your picture at the right top corner, and then you have listed all of the organization/worspaces that you have access. You can have different email address for each of them if wanted. The email addresses are manage within the “My profile settings”, email notification tab.
Does this answer your question?

Thank you Sebastian. So if she adds a workspace on her own account and uses the new email (that is connected on my team on my asana) for that, will it show that teams projects on that workspace? Sorry if it sounds confusing.


Jenny Eaton

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