Omit Portfolios from Projects sidebar list?

I am using Portfolios to organize Projects for different clients (each Portfolio contains projects for a particular client).

Currently on the sidebar, both Projects and Portfolios are listed together under a grouping “Projects”.

Is it possible to NOT list Portfolios in the Project section (ideally to have Projects and Portfolios separately listed)?

HI @Chris_Nelson-Jeffers welcome to the forum - going to move this to product feedback so people can vote on it

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I have also found some feedback request threads around this topic. They might be of interest. See here and here.


How do you delete a portfolio on the sidebar that you’re no longer using? I’ve tried right clicking but it’s not giving me the option to delete

Where is that so we can vote on it? Seems odd to have a content type (portfolios) under a separate content type (projects). Really muddies the water.

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Is it under starred or projects?